The Time is Right


I used to watch a game show called “the Price is Right” at lunch at the pizzeria across the street from my high school. It seemed like a fun game, but I’m still not sure how the contestants remembered those prices so well. The Time is Right is similar in that you have to guess a number, but we will focus on what year something occurred.

This game is great for family reunions or reminding the hubby how long you’ve been married. It can also work well as a test game for memorizing dates from history. Either way, everyone will learn something new. It’s up to you how you use it.

Materials Needed:

  1. master sheet of questions
  2. computer
  3. scanner
  4. an easy to use program to make a slide show
  5. a game prize
  6. a screen with a projector so that everyone can see
  7. OR a large computer screen
  8. OR a mechanism to hook up your computer to a large TV screen


Create a Spread sheet with either 2 columns or 3 columns. The 2 column version will have one column labeled event and a second labeled when. A question in this set up will look like: EVENT Danny and Sandy got married WHEN 1978. The three column version is better for balancing how many event questions you have per person. It will be split up into who, what, and when. A sample would look like: WHO Danny and Sandy WHAT got married WHEN 1978.

Here are some sample questions you can fill out:

  1. birth
  2. got married
  3. graduated high school
  4. graduated college
  5. went to some location on vacation
  6. death (usually best done for a long gone relative as a challenge question)
  7. lost first tooth
  8. was pronounced cancer free
  9. moved to a new city
  10. bought a midlife crisis vehicle
  11. started own business
  12. immigration into a country
  13. become a citizen of that country
  14. bar or bat mitzvah
  15. christening
  16. year 2 people met
  17. pet joined family
  18. first car
  19. broke a bone
  20. certain haircut

Because you know all of these things, you will have to be the game host. If you don’t remember a lot of things about your family members and neither their Facebook photos nor your albums at home have the answer, please call them. Let them know in advance about the game and have them help.

The next thing to think about is how you want to divide up the teams. You can have each family be a team, pair one child with one adult to create a team, or have teams of kids against teams of adults.The last idea has its obvious problems. You know your family best.

There are 2 different ways to have the team reply. You can give each time a blackboard and chalk or a white board with dry erase markers and have them write down the year. The other way to play is to have each team decide on a buzzer sound from someone’s set of ringtones and alert messages. Hear each team’s buzzer before you play the game. They will buzz in, you will acknowledge the buzz, and then they will say the answer.

Each correct answer should give a team 1 point. Tally up all of the points at the end of each round or entire game. The winning team should get a prize of some sort.

The game usually consists of mini games, so I recommend breaking the questions up into mini games. All of these require an easily controlled software that can make a plain slideshow. Use non-iconic photos for the game. If you have to use photos that have an automatic date stamp, you should take care to black out the image of the time. Make a heading section for each game on your slide show.Take a look at game options:

Missing Person


Scan 5-10 photos of family into your computer. Upload these photos into photoshop or Microsoft paint. Use the circle or oval tool to drag a giant, black oval over your loved ones faces to completely cover them. This shouldn’t take any skill. Worse comes to worse, ask your child to help you out. Save these pictures as missingperson01 , missingperson02, missingperson03, etc. For this game, you’ll instruct the players to guess when this photo was taken. It’ll be relatively hard to tell who the family members are, so it’ll be a challenge to place them in a specific year. More well known photos should be used for this such as wedding photos.

Contestants must only answer what year the photo was taken.

Say What?

This game requires 5-10 old polaroid photos or photos that have something written in the back of them. Make sure that the dates are all blacked out.Who knows what we were thinking when we took these photos and wrote the captions on them. We’re not quiet sure what grandma hoped to record when she wrote down “we saw london, we saw france, we see Mickey’s underpants.” Only a special few will remember when she went to Las Vegas with her best friend 2 years ago.

For this game, you may only tell the contestants who wrote the comment and the context (such as saying Las Vegas) as long as it doesn’t give away the date. The players must guess the date in order to win.

Been There, Wrote That

Our penmanship as toddlers and elementary school kids is usually hard to read between the backwards ‘p’s, the misspellings, and those letters that looked as though they were being formed when an Earthquake hit. Use 5-10 of your children (and their cousins’) old art work of events and school journal entries with the dates blocked out as questions. Scan them into the computer or take a photo of them on a smart phone to upload. Name the files beenthere01, beenthere02, etc. Your child may have written ‘today my baby brother was born’, but he might not remember what his old hand writing looks like.

Contestants must correctly answer who wrote it and what year.

Save the Date

Your parents may have been married so long that they don’t remember when exactly or where exactly they got married. For this game, you’ll need 5-10 images of locations that you got off of Google to illustrate your statements. For instance, don’t use that photo of grandma and grandpa running out of the church together to start their lives. You should instead use that photo you got off the internet.

You’ll say the event: grandma and grandpa got married here. The contestants will have to guess the year.

Now and Then

Things change. The first house your parents bought was cute in all of your baby photos. Where is it now? Is it a renovated home with a new paint job, two editions, and a lighthouse in the front yard or has it been paved over to create a highway? For this game you’ll need 5-10 photos of something in the past and 5-10 image of what it looks like today.

When you ask a question, show the image of what it looks like today. When someone gives the correct year of the event, then you can switch to the old image. When asking the question, you should say the full event such as “Uncle Jim lost his first tooth in the yard and we couldn’t find it.”


Pets are our best friends, but we don’t always remember their events such as the year they were born, were brought into our families, won the local dog trick competition, or died. Use 5-10 photos of you and your family members’ pets with these sorts of the questions.

You may move onto the next photo when the contestants guess the correct year the event you described happened.

At This Point in Time

This game will be good for people who know world or U.S. history better than their own family history. Get 5-10 images that happened in the same year as a family member’s event. For instance, get a picture of Sputnik if great cousin Lewis was born in the same year that Sputnik was launched.

You will say the events’ name and the family member’s event. The contestants have to guess the year.

That Hair

We all make hair mistakes. Maybe they were in at one point, but most of the family wants to forget the year that your husband thought that mullets were cool. You should have 5-1o photos with different haircuts on your family members and 5-10 photos of strangers with that haircut. Show the photos of the strangers first and the family photo as a reward for guessing the year.

Just say the family member’s name and the style of hair or haircut. Don’t be mean about it. The winner should guess the year.

Ticket to Ride

We all buy different types of vehicles: cars, boats, bikes, and scooters. We may not remember what year we bought them. Use 5-10 photos of different vehicles family members have purchased over the years that you got off the internet so that they look shiny and new. Have them guess the year that Aunt Pam bought that 2008 Camry. Not many people may remember that she got it in 2009.

Say what item’s official title is and who bought it. Leave the guests to guess when.


If you played this game and had fun, please let us know in the comments!


Stack the Tsum Tsum


Stack the tsum tsum is played like pin the tail on the donkey. Instead of pinning the tail on donkey, but the goal is to stack the tsum tsum’s rather than getting an exact spot. Tsum tsums are based on the relaxing art of Japanese rock stacking and as such, the tsum tsums love to stack themselves. This is also the point of the popular mobile game. This should entertain the kids for over 15 minutes and should cost about $10 to buy materials.

Materials Needed:

  1. festive poster board
  2. painter’s tape
  3. a printer
  4. a blind fold


Decide which characters you want to use for the game. Each child should be assigned one. It’s easier to assign a child one rather than to have them pick out which character they want because assigning a character will minimize fighting. No one should get Mickey Mouse because he will be the large stacking base. All of the other characters should be medium sized in comparison. Print out 2 of each of each child you expect to be at the party.Cut each one out to the best of your ability.


Start with Mickey Mouse (because all of Disney started out with just a mouse) as the largest tsum tsum on the bottom of the poster board. You can either stack some of the characters for the children to try to place their own character on or they would only have to pin on one of the characters) or you can have them start building on top of Mickey to the best of their ability.

Just like the regular pin the tail on the donkey game, stack the tsum tsum requires the kids to get in an orderly line. You’ll blind fold one child, spin him or her around three times, and then send them off to pin the tsum tsum. Once they’ve taken their turn, they should go to the back of the line.

Inspired by a post from Hilary Style:

Wild Palace Party


“Aladdin” inspired this Wild Palace Party game, but characters and music can be mixed around to match other themes. It’s a version of freeze dance and will work well for kids 5+. This game’ll probably run its course in 15-20 minutes and should cost about $6 to buy 3 songs for the game on itunes.

Materials Needed:

  1. A stereo or system that plays music
  2. Middle Eastern music (classic or modern) to play and set the mood.


Choose one child to be the sultan to begin with. You, the parent, will be in charge of the speaker. When you turn the music off, the sultan will come in. Encourage the sultan to say or do funny things that will make the other kids laugh and move. When a child moves, they become part of the palace guard whose job it is to catch the other children that move. Only one kid should be taken out at a time.


You (children) have snuck into the palace without the sultan knowing to have a wild dance party with (the birthday child). Fortunately, he/she found a genie and made a wish that you’ll become invisible so long as you don’t move or make a sound when the music goes off. When the music goes off and the sultan comes to check on what’s going on, you can’t make a move or sound. If you do the sultan will take you away and you will become a palace guard whose job is to make the others laugh.

My Name is Stegosaurus


My mom picked this game up from another parent on the playground in the 90’s. It’s a free game that works well for ages 6 and under. That’s not to say that older elementary school kids won’t enjoy it, but they may correct you that Stegosaurus was an herbivore. I’ve tried to change the name of the game to be that of a carnivorous dinosaur, but it never had the same ring to it. Anyway, this game was super fun. I could have played it for hours if mom hadn’t run out of energy.


Here is an image of a stegosaurus for reference. He’s kind of cute, isn’t he?

Materials Needed:

  1. an adult to play ravenous stegosaurus
  2. a fenced in backyard if you’re going to be playing with over 5 of children or you can play it on a local playground with a small amount of kids


All that you need to do is to say in a raspy, ravenous tone, “my name is stegosaurus and your name is lunch” and chase after them like a large, stout reptile. Make big, godzilla steps and stomp as you chase them and they hide.

If my mom caught me, she used to tickle me until I got away. I suggest this, but you can do whatever you want when you catch them as long as its something fun/ mildly annoying.

If they scream too much while playing the game, remind them that this is only a game and screams are for serious problems such as a stranger approaching.

Have fun!


Kids don’t tend to explain this fun game well to their parents. A toddler once joined my mom and me playing the game in Stamford, CT. She had a lot of fun until we had to leave. Then she rushed up to her mom and jumped around like an excited puppy at feeding time as she asked, “Mommy! Mommy! Chase me around and call me lunch!”

My mom has never received such a stink eye look in her life than she got from that woman trying to figure out what on earth she let her daughter play.

Across the Memory Bridge


Remember that scene from “Inside Out” when Joy was holding the core memories as she tried to balance on a tightrope-looking bridge back to head quarters? This game mimics that, but the kids get to the other side and back, unlike Joy. We also cut down on the emotions to just 2 colors- blue and yellow. The estimated cost is about $30. It’ll last

Materials Needed:

  1. blue balloons-(About $3 for a pack of 15)
  2. yellow balloons- (About $3 for a pack of 15)
  3. 2 bins in which you’ll label one yellow and one blue ($10.00 per)
  4. 2 pool noodles ($7.00) or a long, narrow plank


Lie the pool noodles flat against the ground. Use a piece of paper to measure out a foot’s width between the pool noodles and tape them that distance apart on each end. The kids should try to walk heel to toe. Put your 2 bins that’ll represent where the yellow balloons go and where the blue balloons go on one side of the pool noodle bridge.

Air-inflate the balloons rather than using helium and scatter the balloons across the room. The amount of balloons that you get should be able to fit into your bins without tumbling out, but make some concession for inevitably popped balloons.

You can break this up into a team game and give each kid a color to be on that team or let them play all together. They are only allowed to carry one color of balloon at a time and only only person can cross the bridge at a time.


Joy and Sadness need everyone’s help to get these memories sorted.

Disney Trivia


Having an adult Disney party of some sort? It’s fun to exercise your knowledge (or guessing skills) with friends. Trivia has been a staple of college town entertainment for years. Bring the fun home in hosting your own trivia party. You can ask the questions however you want, but I wrote the questions in the fashion that my favorite trivia place, Trident Book Store on Newbury Street in Boston, MA, does. They make the trivia questions multiple choice. This may entertain guests for about 45 minutes to an hour and should cost $5 for a prize plus whatever the cost of ink and paper is.

Materials Needed:

  1. printed trivia questions on a sheet
  2. a possible prize
  3. optional: trivia fill in sheets
  4. pens


I’m going to instruct this is the same way as my favorite trivia place. You can play how ever you want, but this is the explanation for the bookstore’s method. Pick 5 of the following trivia topics and 5 questions about that trivia topic. Copy and paste your choice them onto a Word Doc, Google Doc, or something similar. We made the right answer in bold italics.

Next copy and paste the following answer sheet onto another document:







Have your friends divide themselves evenly into a groups. Explain that this is a multiple choice trivia game and that the group that wins will win a prize of some sort. As the host who is planning the activity, you should not play and merely direct others how to play because you’ve seen the answers.

When you start a themed section of trivia questions, let everyone know what the theme is. Read one question at a time and read the same question twice.

Sample Trivia Questions:


1. Which Hand Christian Anderson Story is Frozen inspired by?

A) The Ice Maiden

B) Through the Picture Frame

C) The Snow Queen

D) The Angel

2. What is the design of Anna and Elsa’s family crest?

A) a gold flower over a purple and green banner

B) a knight’s helmet over over a white and blue banner

C) an orange bird over a green banner

D) a red flower over a purple and pink banner

3. How many salad plates do Anna and Elsa own?

A) 100

B) 1,000

C) 8,000

D) 10,000

4. How does the Duke of Weselton describe his dancing style?

A) like an agile peacock

B) like a chicken with the face of a monkey

C) the little dipper

D) all of the above

5.What is the name of the snowman built to protect Elsa’s ice palace?

A) Bob

B) Fredrick

C) Snowball

D) Marshmallow

The Lion King

1. What does Rafiki mean in Swahili?

A) Wise

B) Friend

C) Monkey

D) Strange

2. Which of the William Shakespeare’s works is the Lion King supposed based off of?

A) Hamlet

B) MacBeth

C) The Tempest

D) King Leer

3. What was the lion king’s original title?

A) A Lion Tale

B) Pride Rock

C) King of the Jungle

D) Simba

4. What does the opening line of the circle of life mean when translated into English?

A) “the sun rises over pride rock”

B) “we are all connected, we are all a circle”

C) “we await the arrival of the king”

D) “here comes a lion, father, oh, yes it’s a lion”

5. What is one of Pumba’s titles in the movie?

A) your excellency

B) supreme warthog

C) Mr. Pig

D) Sir

Snow White

1. How does the queen address the mirror when she wants to know who’s the fairest of them all?

A) mirror, mirror on the wall

B) Magic mirror on the wall (It’s one of the most famous quotes from a Disney movie and often misquoted)

C) mirror, mirror come to life

D) mirror, magic come to life

2. What’s the only thing that can revive Snow White according to the Queen’s spell?

A) true love’s kiss

B) love’s first kiss

C) a prince’s kiss

D) true love’s first kiss

3. What kind of pie was Snow White baking for the dwarves when the old hag appears?

A) apple

B) pumpkin

C) gooseberry

D) elderberry

4. How did the voice actress for the old hag achieve the voice that we heard?

A) the actress whispered slowly, but loudly instead of talking

B) the actress removed her dentures

C) the actress had bronchitis will recording the old hag

D) that’s what she always sounds like

5. How long did it take Walt Disney studios to create “Snow White”?

A) 1 year

B) 2 years, 5 days, and 4 hours

C) 5 years

D) 10 years


1. What is Jafar’s Official Title?

A) Majordomo

B) Royal Vizier

C) Royal Advisor

D) Grand Duke

2. What pattern can be found on Prince Achmed’s underwear after Rajah rips off his pants?

A) Diamonds

B) Hearts

C) Dots

D) Plaid

3. What does Aladdin give Jasmine during “A Whole New World”?

A) an apple

B) a swan

C) a necklace

D) a ring

4. What actor was Aladdin’s looks based off of?

A) Tom Cruise

B) Tom Hanks

C) Michael J. Fox

D) John Stamos

Walt Disney World

5. Which celebrity does Genie not transform into?

A) Regis Philbin

B) Jack Nicholson

C) Arnold Schwarzenegger

D) Ed Sullivan

Disneyworld Trivia

1. What is the name of the miles of tunnel under Walt Disney world?

A) utilidors

B) mouse holes

C) the underpass

D) bunny burrows

2.After which Disney ride closed did Disney give the ride a tombstone at the haunted mansion?

A) Mike Fink Keelboats

B) Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride

C) Snow White’s Scary Adventure

D) The “Extra Terrestrial” Encounter

3. What was the cost of Adult Admission when Disney World first opened?

A) $10

B) $8.75

C) $3.50

D) $0.10

4. Which attraction isn’t original?

A) Dumbo the Flying Elephant

B) Enchanted Tiki Room

C) Thunder Mountain

D) Jungle Cruise

5. What food item is not sold in any park?

A) gum

B) alcohol

C) gummy bears

D) meatball subs


1.  Which actor bought the old Disneyland park marquee?

A) Johnny Depp

B) Tim Allen

C) Michael Jackson

D) John Stamos

2. Where did Walt Disney originally want to put Disneyland?

A) West Covina

B) Burbank

C) Sacramento

D) San Jose

3. Which Princess lives in Disneyland, CA?

A) Sleeping Beauty

B) Snow White

C) Cinderella

D) Fairy Godmother

4. Which of these is not a Disneyland hotel?

A) Californian Hotel & Spa

B) Disneyland Hotel

C) Disneyland Gardens Hotel

D) Paradise Pier Hotel

5. Which of these isn’t an attraction at Disneyland?

A) Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadsters

B) Hakuna Matata River

C) Francis’ Ladybug Boogie

D) Pinocchio’d Daring Journey


1.What Americana experience can you have at Euro Disneyland Paris’ Disney village?

A) Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show

B) Yosemite Valley 3D Film Experience

C) Old Orleans Bike Tour

D) Harlem Jazz Festival

2. Which Princess’ castle is at Euro Disney?

A) Sleeping Beauty

B) Snow White

C) Belle

D) Elsa

3. Which of these is not an attraction at Walt Disney Studios Park?

A) High School Musical

B) Stitch Live!

C) Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

D) Donald Duck’s Battle Boats

4. Which of these is a hotel owned by Disney that you can stay at?

A) Davey Crockett Ranch

B) Agrabah Resort

C) Storybook Woods

D) Côte de la Souris

5.Which of these is not a restaurant in the parks?

A) Billy Bob’s Country Western Saloon

B) Bistrot chez Rémy

C) Black Forest Café

D) California Grill

Who am I Greek Classics


This is a fun game to play with children who have studied the Greek gods and goddesses in school. Even Persy Jackson fans will know the characters. When kids learn about the classics differs from school to school. I’ve seen it taught in fifth grade, sixth grade, and nineth grade at different schools, so the only prerequisite is that the kids have knowledge about the Greek gods and goddesses. Thus, this game is good for ages 12+.

Materials Needed:

  1. notecards
  2. a thick marker or sharpie
  3. any tape


The night before the party, write down a Greek classical figure’s name on each card. Make sure that your child can recognize these figures or that they have often appeared in your child’s homework on the subject. I’ve attached a list of some commonly learned about figures in the classics.

Once you’ve had about 5 kids arrive at the party, you can begin the game while the group waits for the party to start. As more kids arrive explain that that this is a human guess who game about Greek gods and goddesses. You’ll stick a notecard that they can’t see and no one is allowed to tell them who their character is. They have to correctly guess who they are based on the hints that the other kids give them.

The game is over when everyone correctly guesses who they are. Then, you can direct everyone’s attention to a different party activity or game.

Greek Classics Who am I Characters:

  1. Zeus
  2. Hera
  3. Poseidon
  4. Hercules
  5. Athena
  6. Apollo
  7. Aphrodite
  8.  Dionysus
  9. Hermes
  10. Achilles
  11. Odysseus
  12. Icarus
  13. Orpheus
  14. Ares
  15. Artemis
  16. Demeter
  17. Hades
  18. Hestia
  19. Hephaestus
  20. Helen (of Troy)
  21. Socrates
  22. Plato
  23. Aristotle
  24. Nike
  25. Prometheus
  26. Calypso
  27. Circe
  28. Gaea
  29. Adonis
  30. Cupid

Yoshi Egg Hunt


Any Mario lover will love this great game at his or her party! It’ll take the kids about 5-1o minutes to complete their search and $41 to entertain about a dozen kids.Even if it’s not near Easter time, you can order a pack of eggs off of Amazon at any point in time. The kids can have all of the fun of an Easter egg hunt without it actually being Easter.

Materials Needed:

  1. white spray paint ~ $8
  2. newspaper to set up for the craft
  3. a mixed bag of wrapped candy ~ $5
  4. 1-3 dozen plastic eggs ~ $15 on Amazon
  5. Either a green acrylic paint marker/paint + brush or multiple acrylic paints ~ $6 per color
  6. something for the kids to collect the eggs in ~ $7 for a dozen on Oriental Trading


Set the newspaper down outside and use heavy objects such as rocks to hold the edges of the paper down. Open up all of the Easter eggs so that the inside of the eggs face down towards the newspaper. Spray paint the eggs. Look for a craft store variety of spray paint that is formulated to adhere to plastic. (Not all spray paints are the same. My college roommate and I found that out when she used metal spray paint for her stencil T-shirt craft. The results were upsetting to say the least.) You should coat the eggs three times so that they look white. The only way to get around this step would be to find white, plastic easter eggs.

Once the eggs are smooth and dry, you can take them inside to draw the circles on them. Yoshi eggs have a specific look:


You have two options for the game’s direction: an egg finding free-for-all or an egg scavenger hunt. Different colored Yoshi will lay different colored eggs. A red yoshi will lay a red egg. The scavenger hunt will be harder for you to create, but it may also take the kids longer to find all of the eggs. The choice is up to you.

If you’re going to create just one egg color, then I recommend that you use a green acrylic paint marker. It’ll be faster and easier to create the fat ovals on the egg than it would be to use a paint brush. The originators of this craft idea also suggested using a sharpie if you have the right colors. I personally think that sharpies will run out of ink and cause way more problems then using the acrylic paint.

If you’re going to create an egg scavenger hunt, then you should be aware of the different colors that Yoshi eggs come in. The most common colors are green, red, blue, yellow, light blue, and brown. It’s harder to find pink eggs. Game players rarely find purple eggs. They can hardly find orange, white, and black eggs while playing the game.


If you’re going to have a scavenger hunt, then type out a sheet of what types of eggs the players can find. For example, if you’re having a dozen kids over and bought 3 dozen eggs, then you should let the kids know that they need to find one green egg, one blue egg, and one black egg. Each one should have its own candy inside. I.e. green eggs for have milky ways and blue eggs could have jolly ranchers.

On the day of the party, scatter the Yoshi eggs around the yard or house. Make sure that they’re not too obvious for else the game will be over quickly.


Mario’s friend, Yoshi, has been seen around the yard/house. I think I saw a pack of them this morning. They’ve laid eggs around the yard/house and you guys should help pick them up. Any questions? On your marks… Get set… Go!

Inspired from:



This fun pool game is similar to the game H-O-R-S-E, but its aquatic. We’d call it S-E-A-H-O-R-S-E, but that game would be unbearably long. The only highly expensive prerequisite for F-I-S-H game is a pool. You can purchase a basketball and a hoop with a net for somewhere between $45 to $150. The length of the game will depend on how many kids are playing, but expect it to last at least 10 minutes. It’s a good game for ages 6+.

Material Needed:

  1. a pool
  2. a basketball
  3. a hoop with a net near the edge of the pool or in the pool


Just like H-O-R-S-E, you should start with the birthday kid making a shot and getting the ball through the hoop. If anyone misses the shot, then that kid gets a letter. A child is out of the game when they get all four letters.

If the original shooter misses the shot, then they go to the back of the line. The child next in line should create the next shot for everyone to try to match. Repeat until you have a clear winner.


2 Truths and a Lie


This is a great ice breaker game for teens and adults. It’s also a great way to see who has a good poker face.The game best when you have a crowd of 6-10 people, but I’ve played it in a larger crowd and had fun. You can play it for free by just having the guests recite their truths and a lie from memory or you can have them write it down on a note card beforehand. I’ve played both ways and I honestly prefer to have the note card. Expect to spend 2-5 minutes per person while playing. The note card version would cost you about $7.

Materials Needed:

  1. notecards
  2. enough writing utensils to go around.


Ask everyone to get into a circle. Tell them the name of the game (and pass out the notecards). Tell them to write down 2 interesting truths and a lie. To goal of the game is to guess the lie.

Go around in an organized circle and try to figure out the lie one person at a time. The group rather than a single person should decide what the lie is.