Finding Nemo Search Game


That was a good movie, wasn’t it? Clownfish look a lot a like though. Would the children be able to find Nemo in a shoal of clownfish let alone guess how many clown fish are hanging around the yard? Setting up for these 2 games should cost around $35 and the kids will enjoy both games a total of 30 minutes or so.

Materials Needed:

  1. old newsprint
  2. an egg carton
  3. orange spray paint for plastic
  4. white acrylic paint
  5. black acrylic paint or sharpie
  6. 2 dozen or so ping pong balls
  7. optional: glass vase
  8. optional: paper to write down guesses on
  9. optional: a bowl to put the guesses in


Place old newspaper down as a cover on the ground. Depending on the wind, you may want to secure it down with either tape or heavy rocks. Next, put the 2 dozen ping pong balls in the egg containers. Spray paint a couple of coats of orange paint and then wait about 15 minutes (or longer depending on the paint) to turn them over and coat the other side. The ping pong balls should have a nice, smooth, and orange finish.

When those are done drying, paint two imperfect, but bold white stripes on each of the clownfish. Make sure that you’ll have room to draw a fin in between the lines later. It may be a good idea to paint the top side of each of the ping pong balls in all of the cartons before painting the bottom so that the paint will have hopefully dried by then.Here is some inspiration from the plush tsum tsum version of Nemo:


Once those stripes are dry, it’s time to give your clownfish personality. Give all but one of your ping pong ball fish equally sized fins. Save the last ping pong ball to be Nemo (so that your life is easier. It is essential that this fish has one fin smaller than the other. Let them dry and then draw a face on them. Simplistic is better. Then draw one, big curved line on the opposite side from where you drew the face to be the tail. Once that’s done, you can outline the 2 white stripes with the black pen/paint and draw the dorsal fin. This should look like a sideways B that isn’t filled in (kind of like the lazy, line way to draw birds in the distance). Once that’s dry, finish outlining the white on the bottom of the fish.

You can either leave it at that or you can write the name of each fish on the bottom so that there is no confusion about who found Nemo. If you want to play a joke on the kids or the kids know the movie well, you should name one fish Marlin, one fish Nemo, one fish Coral (Nemo’s mom), 11 fish named Coral Jr. and 10 fish named Marlin Jr.

There are 2 games that you can play with these fish. One is to have the guests try to figure out how many fish are in a jar and the other is to spread them around the house or yard to have the kids find the fish. The games should be played in the order above.


Game 1: There are a lot of clown fish in here. Can you guys guess how many there are total?

Game 2: Nemo, Marlin, and their extended clownfish family have moved in nearby. Everyone should grab any clownfish that they find and bring it over here. There will be a prize for whomever can find Nemo.

Worst Beer Party


The United States has been flooded with craft beer and cider. Some of it is pretty good, but I wonder if people were drunk when they came up with some of the other flavors. This is a great party idea to get together old college friends. I actually got this idea from someone on the train into New York City while he was talking to his friends about his annual worst beer party. He said the winner last year was oyster beer. Yuck!

Materials Needed:

  1. invitations with instructions to bring the most disgusting beer one can find
  2. a Facebook thread dedicated to beers
  3. dixie cups or glass
  4. One ranking system page for all of the beers at the party


Create either physical invitations or a Facebook invitations for the event that specify that each guest or family of guests should bring a pack of the most disgusting beer sounding beer they can find. It would be a good idea to have each guest register that they bought a certain beer for the party in the comments section of the Facebook Page or designated thread so that you don’t get more than two cases of the same disgusting beer.

Once everyone arrives, let everyone socialize for a few minutes before offering tastings of the worst beer. Pass around small cups with each beer. I say small because you probably won’t want to have another sip.Give everyone a sheet with the name of all of the beers. This is best done in a table with one column for the name of the beer, a column for the notes, a column for the beer’s ranking out of ten with one being the worst and ten being the best, and a column to rank the beers over all.

At the climax of the party, collect all of the ranking papers and tally them up. Announce the winner and the top five worst. It would be funny to also include the surprisingly good beer.

As people get older, they have kids. It’s natural, but unfortunate for a party like this. Kids want to do what the adults are doing after all. For those under the legal drinking age have an apple juice/cider tasting contest. You would be amazed in the variety of the quality. When you decide to announce the winners of this event depends on if you want the kids to hear the results because families with kids may have to leave sooner than the pople without kids.

Spooky Leaf Maze


You’re neighbors may wonder why you’re leaving a yard a mess, but they’ll marvel at the result. If you live in a temperate climate where the leaves change, then you probably know the pain of keeping your yard leaf-free. From what I’ve seen, toddlers up to first grade seem to love the game out of any age group. Creating this activity is free and how long it entertains the kids will depend on how long and complicated the maze is.Don’t make it too complicated so that the kids will want to give up. What’s so spooky about it? You can either make it spooky or think about what those leaves actually are… JK. It’s just a fun activity that’ll work well for a Fall party.

Materials Needed:

  1. A yard leaf coverage of about a half an inch
  2. a rake
  3. some artistic ability


You can either grab a relatively easy looking maze from one of your child’s activities books or you can make one up in your head. The coolest patterns that I’ve seen are circular in design and kind of mimic the UFO field patterns. Rake the leaves into your chosen pattern. The pathway is the cleared leaf path and the leaf piles are the walls. This may take an hour to an hour and a half to complete depending on the size of your yard, the size of the maze, and how many leaves are in your yard.

There are two options of how you want the kids to try to go through the maze. You can either have the children run through the maze from end to end or you can have them try to figure out the how to get to objects you’ve hidden in the maze. This would be a good way to transition the kids into the next activity. For instance, you could leave a clock, a magnet of the number 4, and a plastic, toy cake in different “wrong turns” of the maze. The kids that want to finish as quickly as possible will and the ones that want to search for how to get to the clues. Then they have to put together the items and figure out that it’s time for cake!

If you end up doing this activity, please let us know how it went!

Braiding Bar


One of the hottest trends of the 2010’s has been braids.They’re so versatile and look very cool. They’re not very easy to do by yourself. For this activity, you’ll need to hire 1-2 teenagers that are good at braiding. You can ask them to show you their Instagram photos or a braiding portfolio of what they can do before hiring them and set an agreed upon rate.

Materials Needed:

  1. 1-2 teenagers that are good at braiding
  2. 2 or 4 chairs to sit on
  3. a pack of hair ties
  4. 2 combs
  5. comb cleaning solution
  6. an image of different styles that they can braid
  7. a list for the girls to sign up to get their hair braided
  8. optional: fun hair clips, hair spray template, and wash out hair spray


Have the girls set up a booth 2 chairs for them to sit on and 2 chairs for the children to sit on. The girls should sign their name on a piece of paper to create a waiting list to have their hair braided. The little girls should then pick one braid out of a list of hair styles and the teenagers will braid them in order.

Let the parents know in advance if you’re doing this so that they don’t panic when they see that their child’s hair has changed. You can also buy hair templates and wash out hair spray to further decorate the braids. This activity will take a while and is best done with tweens who will have the patience to sit down while their hair is being done for so long.

If you do this, please let us know how it went!

Popcorn Game



This is a fun game to play on a trampoline with netted sides or inside a jumping castle. Only two people can play at a time. It’s a better game for playdates. It’s free as long as you already have the trampoline with the nets around it or a jumping castle.


Have one child sit criss cross on the opposite end of the trampoline from the other child, but not so far away that the child’s back is against the net or wall of the jumping castle. The other child should jump 2 small jumps or take 3 steps and then land in a sitting position. The other child should be popped up and giggle. Then they switch sides and the other child tries to pop the first child that jumped.

Pokémon Gym Badge Challenge


In the Pokémon game and TV show, Ash and his fellow trainers travel around their respective regions in order to gain badges from gym leaders in order to become a Pokémon master for that region. In these series of games, the kids can take on the different gyms challenges in order to win a badge. These games are specifically from the Hoenn Region (Pokémon ruby and sapphire) and I’ve included a link to buy the badges on Amazon. This game may cost about $75 and may take about an hour to play through.

Materials Needed:

  1. pokémon badges ($25)
  2. masking tape
  3. jenga blocks
  4. sharpie
  5. ping pong balls
  6. red acrylic paint
  7. white acrylic paint
  8. black acrylic paint
  9. clear jar
  10. enough swedish fish to fill the jar
  11. paper slips for the children to guess on
  12. a jar or bowl for the children to put their guesses in
  13. string or rope


Keep the gym badges organized and possibly labeled. Here is a cheat sheet so that you know what goes where:


These are the gym leaders who give out the badges at the gyms. You can print their images out and stick them next to the different areas where the activities will occur or you just look at them to channel their energy for the activity. Yes, the placement of the badges above match the placement of the gym leaders. The activities will match this order as well to stay true to the game. Read these pictures upper left to right for the chronological order.


The first gym’s layout was designed to feel as though it was a museum. It makes sense that this gym has this particular design because this is the town that has the pokémon school in it. The activity that I’m going to recommend playing for this is an activity jenga game. You can buy a jenga set for $5-$15 or you can make your own giant yard version if you’re so inclined. In order to not ruin your jenga set, you should put painter’s tape or washi tape on the wide bottom of the jenga tiles and write on them in sharpie. Sharpie or a similar permanent marker will be perfect for this activity because other types of markers will smudge and run when the kids touch it. The kids will act out or do whatever the jenga block says and play until somewhere gets the “you win” block. You should set up the blocks before the party starts on a flat surface. If you don’t have a flat surface in the yard or in the house, you should ask your significant other to help make a flat surface to play on. There are 54 jenga blocks to write on. Feel free to duplicate some of the actions on the jenga blocks. Here are some sample ideas:

  1. You Win!
  2. Make pikachu sounds
  3. Make mudkip sounds
  4. Pose like a Y unown
  5. Pose like an X unown
  6. Pose like a T unown
  7. Pose like an I unown
  8. Splash like a magikarp
  9. Recite team rocket’s poem
  10. Make slowpoke sounds
  11. Charizard breathing fire
  12. Blaziken high kick
  13. Sceptile vine whip
  14. Make wobbuffet sounds
  15. Snorlax falling asleep
  16. Pose like wobbuffet
  17. Growl like poochyena
  18. Flutter like beautifly
  19. Blast off like team rocket
  20. Shock like a pikachu
  21. Do the clefairy dance
  22. Sing the jigglypuff song
  23. Walk 8 steps like a krabby
  24. 2 air punchs like Hitmonchan
  25. Stick out tongue like lickitung
  26. Ride a ponyta for 10 steps
  27. Meditate for 10 sec like Meditite
  28. Jump like a Spoink
  29. Throw a pokéball
  30. Act like you just caught a pokémon
  31. pose like Meowth on Team Rocket

The second gym is all about trainning and speed. I recommend playing a version of pin the tail on the donkey. I’ve seen pin the tail on the pikachu, but I’ll have a catch the pokémon challenge that you can play. This should only cost about the price of ink. The kids will play for the highest score. Click here to see the game.

The third gym is electricity themed. The gym leader there has a pokémon that looks like a pokéball called voltorb. For this activity, you’ll need a pack of white ping pong balls, red acrylic paint, white acrylic paint, and either black acrylic paint or black washi tape. To create a pokéball, draw a thin line around the ping pong ball to divide it into 2 halves. Write a small ‘r’ for red on the side that you intend to paint red. Then draw a small circle about the circumference of your (not your child’s) index finger somewhere on the line. The line should cut the circle evenly in half. Do this for all but one ping pong ball. Erase the pencil line inside of the circle. Next, paint the designated side of all of the ping pong balls red and leave to dry. When they are dry, use the black paint to draw a medium thickness line that follows the pencil line that borders between red side and the white ping pong ball. With the voltob ball, use a pencil to then draw 2 right triangles and fill it in with white paint. This is going to be the pokémon’s eyes. Wait for this to dry and then add the little black dots for eyes. Here’s a picture for reference:

Scatter the pokéballs and voltorbs across the yard in good hiding places. The children will have to find the pokémon and the pokéballs.

The fourth gym is a fire gym. Things get a little toasty. This gym’s activity will be a game called hot potato. Choose an object such a left over pokéball from the last game as the hot object. Have the children pass the ball while the music plays. When the music stops, the player holding the hot pokéball is out. Play until you have a clear winner and then award the badge.

The fifth gym in the game belongs to the protagonist’s dad. He also has some very sleepy pokémon. I would recommend playing red light, green light 123. The player who gets to you first is winner of the challenge. To begin with, create 2 spots: one for you to stand on and one for the party guests to start at. You should be 20-40 feet apart. The instructions of how to play the game are included in the “story” section of what you say to the kids.

The seventh gym is psychic gym owned by twins. Don’t worry, I didn’t skip the sixth gym. I’m combining the two.A three legged race will be the perfect way to decide who gets these badges. To begin with, have a clearly defined start line and end line. You can mark this with a pool noodle, a yard stick, rope, or string. Have everyone choose a partner and stand next to them with him or her having an arm around the other person’s waist. The inside legs should be touching. Tie those legs together and have the kids wait at the starting line until you give the signal

The last gym is a dragon type gym. Magikarp, one of the most useless fish pokémon, evolves in a gyarados, one of the most powerful pokémon in the game. This will be a guess-how-many-are-in-the-jar game using swedish fish. Magikarp are dark orange and swedish fish are red. If any kid asks you why the magikarp aren’t orange, you should say that because they’re highly concentrated in the jar, they turned a darker color that looks closer to red. Find a clear jar and fill it up with Swedish fish. Count how many you put in there and put that number safe such as keeping it as a note or contact in your phone. Next, create then slips of paper asking for a child’s name and how many magikarp they think are in the jar. Have another jar or bowl for the children to put the slips of paper in once they have finished making their guesses. When the children are done writing their guesses, go through and check to see who got the closest estimate to how many magikarp are in the jar. Then reward the winner with a badge.

Note: if things get too complicated, you can also just let the kids decide what badge they want to have at the end of each activity rather than trying to keep track of them.


Welcome to (your child’s name here)’s birthday celebration and the Hoenn region of Pokémon. There are 8 different gyms with different challenges to compete in. Who’s ready to get started? (Wait for a response). I said who’s ready to get started?

1: The first gym in Rustboro city’s challenge. Because the gym is next to the trainer school, they want to make sure that you know enough about pokémon before giving you the gym badge. The gym badge award is placed somewhere within the mix. Line up and pull one block at a time carefully.

2: Dewford gym is all about exercise and training. The gym leader wants to see how good your aim is. He will happily award his badge to the kid who recieves the highest score.

3: Mauville city gym has a voltorb that went missing. A voltorb looks just like a pokéball, but the voltorb has eyes. The gym leader will happily reward any one who finds his beloved voltorb with a gym badge. He’s somewhere around here, but there are also a lot of old pokéballs around here. You can keep any that you find. Go!

4: Lavaridge town is a fire gym. Every thing is hot here. The gym leader here has developed a game to test your ability to resist fire. First, everyone mut get in a circle. Good! This pokéball is super hot. Pass this pokéball around and whoever is holding it when the music stops is out. The person to survive until the last round gets the gym badge!

5: Petalberg City is a normal type gym, but the gym leader’s pokémon, Slaking, fall asleep easily. You need to sneak up on them without waking them up to win this game. This game is a lot like red light, green light one, two, three. Everyone needs to start off on the starting line over there. When I have my back to you and say, “slaking is sleeping, one, two, three,” you should all walk (don’t run) to me. I can turn around at any point just like the slaking can wake up at any point. When I turn around, everyone must freeze. If I see anyone moving, I can send them back to the starting line. We’ll do this until someone reaches me and tags me. Any questions? … Good. Let’s start.

6 and 7: Fortree City is a flying gym and Mossdeep City is a psychic gym owned by twins. They would both like to see how you work together under less than ideal circumstances. Pick a partner to race with and stand with one arm around the other person’s waist. I will come around and tie your legs. Then you should go to the starting line. I’ll let you know when the race starts. The 2 winners will get those two badges.

8: Sootopolis City is a dragon training gym. The leader thinks that you guys should help him figure out how many magikarp him and his fellow trainers caught this morning. The person who guesses closest to the actual number of magikarp will get a badge from his gym.

Steven Bomb Party


Whether you’re actually watching a Steven Bomb, are having a binge watch party, or are having a general Steven Universe party, this is a curated list of ideas for the party. This list is for tweens, teens, and college students. Although its a children show, its main following are teens and college students.

Food Ideas:

1: Watermelon Stevens

You’ll need a fresh watermelon (or two depending on how many people are over), a sharp knife to cut the watermelon, and a basic gingerman cookie cutter. Cut out multiple watermelon shaped men that should serve as your watermelon Steven.

2: Fry Bits

You can’t have Beach City without fries. Steven particularly loves the fry bits. All you need to do is to get French Fries (possibly frozen). Prepare them as the recipe suggests and serve.

3: Cookie Cat Ice Cream Sandwiches

You’ll need a cookie cat ice cream sandwich cutter to begin with. I found some good ones on Etsy. Here’s the recipe.

4: Cluster shards

Break off colorful pieces of rock candy using a kitchen mallet. You should get 3-6 colors and mix them together in a bowl.

5: Amethyst’s Donuts

I saw this recipe for delicious looking donuts on a geeky baker’s website. Cooking experience is required, but you should take a look just to drool a little.

6: Fish Stew Pizza

Just order a pizza and put the label for Fish Stew Pizza over the label of the box or by the pizza. No one wants to try experimenting with actual fish stew sauce on pizza unless you have plenty of bathrooms in the house and you don’t mind that you won’t get to watch the show.

7: Alcoholic Beverages

There are a lot of creative ways to make drinks. I don’t have time to taste them all. This blogger seems to have come up with some interesting drinks. If not, just make the group favorites and print out new labels.

8:Steven Tea?

This is what happens when you comb the internet- you find random things. This is a tea you can buy on the internet that was inspired by the show.

9: Peri-guac

Oh, puns. I recommend having a triangular shaped plate for the chips so that you can just dump the chips onto the plate and a circular bowl to put the guacamole in. The guacamole should be presented at the bottom of the plate so that it looks like Peridot’s head and the chips look like Peridot’s hair.

Games and Activites:

1: Become a Gem

Some will be into this more putting on sticker gemstones than others. Get some sticker gem earrings like these and put them in a bowl. People can stick these gems to themselves for the viewing party. You know your friends (and the kids know their friends). Some people may want to come up with their own back stories and share. Let them. If some friends are just content putting the stickers on or not participating, don’t force them to.

2: Fusion Dance

Start off with groups of 2 people. Have them pick a 10-30 second sound bite to dance to.  The dance should end with them frozen together. Give everyone about 10 minutes to learn their dances.

3: Who Said it Game

This is a trivia game to play with friends. The person who is hosting the party should also be the host. Write out these quotes and who said them on a piece of paper or note cards.Read out the quote and have your friends guess who said it. Here are some samples:

  1. “You are your own gem, you control your destiny. Not me.” -Garnet
  2. “I can tell you with certainty that there are things on this planet worth protecting!” -Peridot
  3. “That’s right. You can feel horrible all you want back at the temple.” -Pearl
  4. “Just because you can shapeshift doesn’t mean you should.” -Pearl
  5. “We’re always the bigger gem!” -Ruby
  6. “I forgot how great it feels to be me.” -Sugilite
  7. “‘Go to earth,’ they said. ‘It’ll be easy,’ they said.” -Peridot
  8. “That’s a lie. Your middle name is cutie pie.” -Garnet
  9. “Blink if this means you love me.” -Steven
  10. “You’re not as above this as you think you are!” -Ruby
  11. “I’m just trying to ‘lion’ the mood.” -Amethyst
  12. “Which way to the baby war?” -Amethyst
  13. “Oh, honestly, you call everyone a clod.” -Pearl
  14. “Tiny hands, my only weakness.” -Garnet
  15. “Did you even wonder who I used to be?” -Lapis Lazuli
  16. “You two should spend some time apart.” -Alexandrite
  17. “Fusion is just a cheap trick to make weak gems stronger.” -Jasper
  18. “Let’s stay on this miserable planet together!” -Malachite
  19. “You should sneak me into a PG-13 movie sometime.” -Connie
  20. “All you wanna do, is see me turn into a giant woman.” – Opal
  21. “Ugh, you’re no fun anymore.” -Amethyst
  22. “Humans find such fascinating ways to waste their time.” -Pearl
  23. “Look! Over there! Another planet to betray!” -Peridot
  24. “I love you, Tiger Millionaire.” -Lars
  25. “It’ll mess up my funky flow.” -Steven

4: Deactivate the Warp Pads

It’s the duty of the crystal gems to make sure that home world can’t reach Earth. The easiest way for home world to come to Earth would be to come through on a warp pad. When Steven follows the crystal gems on missions to check the warp pads, he leaves a crying breakfast friends sticker on the portal to show that the portal has been checked and is deactivated. Send your guests around the house and yard to send a stamp of approval that the portal has been deactivated. I recommend thinly cutting toilet paper or paper towel rolls to act as the portals. Make about 10-25 portals and hide them both in plain view and in hard to find places. You may tell your guests how many portals there are. Give each guest (or if you have a lot of guests, break them into teams) a designated sticker or character sticker. No talking. They have 5 minutes to find all of the portals you made.

When the timer goes off, you should go around the house to collect all of the portals with your guests and see who the best member of the crystal gems is- the one who made sure the most warp pads were secure.

5: Drinking Game

I honestly don’t get drinking games. You’re not being forced against your will to watch the show. This blogger came up with a drinking game for Steven Universe. Play with alcoholic beverages to get drunk or play with water to get hydrated. Your choice. There are many other versions online. Just do a quick search and many will be pulled up.

6: Steven Bingo

This image was taken off of reddit. You should have everyone fill in their own spots. A list of some bingo spot ideas has been added below:


Potential Bingo Spots:

  1. Gems fuse
  2. Someone cries
  3. Steven cries
  4. A gem gets bubbled
  5. Lion appears
  6. Steven shouts, “no!”
  7. Stars for eyes
  8. Amethyst shape shifts
  9. Rose Quartz is mentioned
  10. Amethyst and Pearl bicker
  11. Rinaldo has a new theory
  12. Lars and Sadie argue
  13. Onion appears
  14. Mention of Yellow Diamond
  15. Mention of the Cluster
  16. A gem eats food
  17. Garnet destroys something
  18. someone sings
  19. Steven’s life is in danger
  20. Steven uses his shield
  21. dog copter
  22. crying breakfast friends
  23. warp pad is used
  24. gems don’t understand human culture
  25. Peridot calls someone a clod
  26. Steven cheers someone up
  27. a new gem appears
  28. a new monster appears
  29. Greg gives a flashback
  30. Steven doesn’t feel human
  31. Steven doesn’t feel like a gem

Tsum Tsum Freeze Dance


Tsum tsums are pill shaped reimaginings of Disney characters. They’re supposed to be modeled after Japanese stacking stones. This game is just like regular balloon freeze dance, but it will take a little bit of DIY to get the balloon (or three) themed for your party. This game works well for younger children. It may last about 15 minutes and cost $8 to create.

Materials Needed:

  1. a good soundsystem to play music off of
  2. age appropriate music
  3. approximately three balloons
  4. scissors
  5. construction paper
  6. rubber cement or tape
  7. black sharpie


First pick about 3 characters that you would be willing to make from the list of tsum tsums. There are a lot to choose from. Check out my video below to see how to make some of the characters.

After you finish that, set the balloons aside. Put them somewhere in reach, but not too far away such as your Christmas present hiding spot. Don’t let your child or children see them or else you will be making more than you wanted to because you’re not getting those balloons back.

When its time for the activity, bring out the balloons in a covered bag so that the kids can’t see how many there are. Explain that they have to keep this tsum tsum in the air the best that they can when the music is playing. When the music stops, they need to freeze. They still can’t let the balloon touch the ground even though they are frozen.

Once the kids have gotten good at playing with one balloon, you can introduce two. Then maybe three if one of the two don’t pop.

The one downside to this game is that the balloons are going to be side heavy.

Tsum Tsum Toss


The Tsum Tsums are piled a little too high and cannot reach the spots they want to go. The children have to help the tsum tsums get to the right spots. This is a simple side game to play at a Tsum Tsum party. It’ll cost about $45 and can entertain the children carnival style.

Materials Needed:

  1. 3-4 small, plush tsum tsum characters that the child doesn’t mind the guests touching and tossing- you will probably have to buy some specifically for the game.
  2. Science symposium level poster board
  3. exacto knife or skills using regular scissors
  4. glue
  5. printer and ink or painting skills
  6. duct tape
  7. 3-4 plastic bags
  8. pencil


Unfold the poster board and lay it on the ground so that the creases that allow the two wings of the poster board to fold in are facing you. This is going to be the front of the game where the children can toss the tsum tsums into the right spots. Sketch out a design of stacked characters. You can simply draw ovals about the size of the characters and write the character’s name.

Once you’re done with that, draw circles and ovals that vary in size. Make the smallest at least 1 inch larger that the circumference of the tsum tsum. Once you have a design that you like, cut out these holes carefully. Use one of the small tsum tsums to make sure that it fits generally into the hole you created. When you’re satisfied with that, turn the board around. Use the plastic bags and duct tape to create a net for the tsum tsums to fall into.

Finish up your design in the front with either paint or cut outs of images from the internet. Test it out.