Waffle Bar


This is a fun activity for the morning after a sleepover party provided that you’re able to wake up before the kids, teens, or tweens do. You’ll need a waffle iron. Make enough waffles that one child can have its own waffle (or split half of it). A night or two before the party, you have the ingredients ready to go in bowls. Some ingredients such as bananas are better served freshly sliced. The cost for this activity varies as well as the time it will take.

Materials Needed:

  1. waffle maker
  2. batter
  3. napkins
  4. spoons to get the ingredients out with
  5. silverware for the children
  6. optional: whipped cream
  7. optional:strawberries
  8. optional: blueberries
  9. optional: raspberries
  10. optional: blackberries
  11. optional: bananas
  12. optional: chocolate sauce
  13. optional: chocolate chips
  14. optional: marshmallows
  15. optional: nutella
  16. optional: sprinkles
  17. optional: heated, fried chicken

Jasmine’s Hairband


I loved Disney’s movie Aladdin and I always wanted Jasmine’s crown. This party craft will let the kids design their own crowns. It may take about 10 minutes for everyone to make their own crown and will need a lot of set up time for the adult. It may take the kids about ten minutes to design their crowns. The craft will vary in price depending on how many materials you need to buy and what you need. $32 is a conservative estimate of how much materials for a project with 4 packs of ribbon that cost $4 (for 12 girls), a pack of pom poms, a pack of velcro, and 2 different glitter glues would cost. Comment below to let me know if you’ve done it for less or more, how it came out, and what the kids thought about it.

Needed Materials:

  1. Tape measure, pencil, and pad
  2. Ribbon
    • Measure the size of your child’s head (and add an extra inch) for reference of how many ribbons you will need to buy. Keep in mind that 1 yard is 36 inches and that different ribbons come in different sizes.
    • Multiply your child’s reference number size by how many kids are expected to show up. Use the conversion above in a proporation to figure out how many yards of ribbon you will need. You should always buy enough to do three more than expected.
  3. stick-on velcro
  4. glue
  5. Decorations
    1. stick-on rhinestones
    2. glitter glue
    3. fabric markers
    4. pom poms
    5. some sort of large pendant


As the kids wait for the party to start and do other party activities, call one child over at a time to measure her head. Mark the measurement down on a piece of paper.

Start cutting the ribbon an inch larger than each child’s measurement. Write each child’s name on the inside (least pretty side) of the ribbon. Attach the velcro at each end and make sure that no sticky velcro is showing that would stick to a little girl’s head.

Set up a table with the craft in advance and give each kid her own crown. Have each kid talk about why she designed her crown a certain way in order to add 15 minutes to the activity.

Playing Cards Against Humanity with the Family


Cards Against Humanity is self-described as a party game for horrible people. It’s a fun game for anyone over the age of fifteen or sixteen. However, some people think that it’s a fun game to play at family reunions. This post will give you directions on what cards to remove so that you’ll have less awkward explaining to do for Nana. There are still sex-related and nasty cards in the deck to play.

Crowds you can’t play Cards Against Humanity with:

  1. Family reunions with children under the age of fifteen- you’ll have way too much explaining to do and they are not likely to understand the concepts.
  2. If a majority of your family shutters at the word ‘sex’

If you have family with either of these two qualities, then you should purchase the PG version of this game: Apples to Apples.

Cards to take out for better play in a standard Cards Against Humanity deck:

  1. tasteful sideboob- do you really want to explain what sideboob is?
  2. a fleshlight- no, grandma that’s not a typo and I don’t want to explain it
  3. a bitch slap- I once heard thirteen year old use the definition of cat fight for this
  4. Smegma- sex education wasn’t this descriptive in my day and it certainly wasn’t in grandpa’s day
  5. tentacle porn- take it out before nana asks why is this a thing
  6. Queefing- see smegma
  7. the care bear stare- …
  8. seppuku- how many people actually know about this in this day and age?
  9. Nickelback- unless nana knows that you’re a big fan of them
  10. Nipple blades- see tentacle porn
  11. my humps- not everyone remembers pop culture from the 2000s
  12. Pixelated bukkake- you really want to explain this?
  13. A mime having a stroke- trigger warning may be needed depending on what has been going on with your family
  14. a bleached asshole- see tentacle porn
  15. An M. Night Shyamlan plot twist- who is M. Night Shyamlan? What does the ‘M’ stand for? What has he done? I don’t remember, grandaddy, let’s just keep playing the game
  16. Ethnic cleansing- genocide still happens today. This may not be the best card to have in the deck if one of your relatives that will be playing the game survived or was touched by this
  17. Hospice care- see a mime having a stroke
  18. A pangender octopus who roams the cosmos in search of love- unless you or a family member have come out as pangender and have explained it to the family, then they’re going to want to know what pangender is.
  19. an Oedipus complex- not everyone has had a higher education and has heard of this story/ theory of relationships. No, its not like a Napoleon complex, grandma.

Every family is different. You have to use your own judgement.

Balloon Architects


This a fun, creative activity do with a group of any age. The children simply have to inflate and stack the balloons to make a tall balloon tower. This activity costs about $12 and may take 15 minutes to do. You may want to ask the parents of the guests if the child has a latex allergy before committing to this activity.

Materials Needed:

  • 40, standard party balloons
  • 2 rolls of tape
  • something to keep time such as a smartphone timer


Divide the party into two teams. Give each team 20 balloons and a roll of tape. The team that can inflate their balloons and create the tallest tower in ten minutes or less wins the activity.

At the end, you can let the teams pop the balloons.

Thanksgiving Trivia


Well, the kids have just about torn through the house, the teenagers are barely acknowledging other people’s presence, and the stormy weather has blocked the men from watching their Thanksgiving football. What now? Stay calm. Entertain everyone with a trivia contest. Divide people up by either age, gender, or family relations. Keep reading to get some sample ideas. This is for an American Thanksgiving. I’ve written these out as multiple choice trivia questions.

Materials Needed:

  1. a printed out set of trivia questions

Sample Questions:


  1. What are female turkeys called?
    • A) Hens
    • B) Girlies
    • C) Chicks
    • D) Blands
  2. What bird did Benjamin Franklin want to be the national bird?
    • A) Bald Eagle
    • B) Turkey
    • C) Potato Bird
    • D) Woodpecker
  3. When is Thanksgiving celebrated?
    • A) last Thursday of November
    • B) the 26th of November
    • C) Fourth Thursday of November
    • D) the last Thursday before December
  4. Which of the following foods was likely served at the first Thanksgiving?
    • A) pumpkin pie
    • B) potatoes
    • C) macaroni and cheese
    • D) shellfish
  5. When was the first Thanksgiving?
    • A) 1621
    • B) 1776
    • C) 1812
    • D) 1864
  6. What do turkeys have in common with penguins?
    • A) they are highly adept swimmers
    • B) they both carry their eggs on their feet
    • C) neither species can fly
    • D) neither species eats meat
  7. What was the name of the pilgrim’s ship?
    • A) Pinto
    • B) Santa Maria
    • C) Niña
    • D) Mayflower
  8. What modern day state did the pilgrims land in?
    • A) Massachusetts
    • B) New York
    • C) Virginia
    • D) Florida
  9. In what year did the pilgrims leave from England and land in the United States?
    • A) 1492
    • B) 1550
    • C) 1620
    • D) 1700
  10. Where did the pilgrims live before they decided to colonize a piece of the new world?
    • A) England
    • B) France
    • C) Finland
    • D) Netherlands


  1. Which President declared Thanksgiving a national holiday?
    • A) Abraham Lincoln
    • B) George Washington
    • C) Theodore Roosevelt
    • D) Barack Obama
  2. What are male turkeys called?
    • A) Hens
    • B) Clucks
    • C) Toms
    • D) Roosters
  3. Which president officially started the practice of turkey pardoning?
    • A) Barack Obama
    • B) Richard Nixon
    • C) Franklin Roosevelt
    • D) Harry Truman
  4. One baby was born onboard the Mayflower. What was the baby named?
    • A) Myles
    • B) Oceanus
    • C) Prudence
    • D) Prayer
  5. What modern day location did the pilgrims hope to settle in?
    • A) Plymouth, MA
    • B) Fort Lauderdale, FL
    • C)Jamestown, VA
    • D) New York City, NY
  6. Which two teams started the tradition of playing football games on Thanksgiving?
    • A) Detroit Lions v. Chicago Bears
    • B) NY Giants v. New England Patriots
    • C) Green Bay Packers v. Detroit Lions
    • D) Dallas Cowboys v. New England Patriots
  7. How many subspecies of turkeys are there?
    • A) one
    • B) three
    • C) six
    • D) ten
  8. What were the pilgrims originally called in their day?
    • A) Puritans
    • B) Standishers
    • C) Huguenots
    • D) Seperatists
  9. What tribe helped the pilgrims?
    • A) Wampanoag tribe
    • B) Secotan tribe
    • C) Powhatan tribe
    • D) Pueblo tribe
  10. How many months after the pilgrims arrive did the Native Americans wait to approach the settlers?
    • A) one month
    • B) three months
    • C) six months
    • D) twelve months


  1. How many towns are in the United States named Turkey?
    • A) one
    • B) Four
    • C) Eight
    • D) Sixteen
  2. How fast can a turkey run?
    • A) 5 miles per hour
    • B) 10 miles per hour
    • C) 17 miles per hour
    • D) 25 miles per hour
  3. Which city has the oldest Thanksgiving day parade?
    • A) Philadelphia 
    • B) New York City
    • C) Washington, D.C.
    • D) Boston
  4. When were giant, helium balloon characters first used in the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade?
    • A) 1900
    • B) 1914
    • C)1927
    • D) 1947
  5. When did the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade begin?
    • A) 1900
    • B) 1913
    • C) 1924
    • D) 1947
  6. How long does it take to inflate a giant parade balloon?
    • A) 30 minutes
    • B) an hour
    • C) an hour and thirty minutes
    • D) two hours
  7. What is the lifespan of an average parade balloon?
    • A) a year
    • B) three years
    • C) five years
    • D) eight years
  8. When was the first time that Spongebob flew in the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade?
    • A) 1994
    • B) 2004
    • C) 2010
    • D) 2014
  9. When did Mickey Mouse first debut as a Thanksgiving parade balloon?
    • A) 1927
    • B) 1934
    • C) 1965
    • D) 2000
  10. Which character has appeared the most in Macy’s Thanksgiving day parades?
    • A) Mickey Mouse
    • B) Felix the Cat
    • C) Pikachu
    • D) Snoopy
  11. How long does it take to deflate a parade balloon?
    • A) 15 minutes
    • B) 30 minutes
    • C) 45 minutes
    • D) an hour